Tips on running a PB

We have had our runners running some incredible PBs over the last few weeks. Whether the PB was a better time or a first race, a goal is a goal! Attaining your goals takes hard work and a lot of dedication! Here are some techniques you can do on your own that you can do to get your PB. These things have their place, but they are best done as a team/group, and with someone, who knows your potential, to either push you or rein you in.

Incorporate hills in your training

Running up hills is a great way to develop race pace. Those that incorporate hills in their training have better overall muscle strength and are able to teach their bodies to run more economically.


Incorporate interval training into your programme

Interval training refers to when you vary the speed and intensity of your running in certain training sessions. Doing this type of training teaches your body how to adapt to sudden bursts of speed when you need it to – like on the home stretch of a race! Interval training puts the fun into your training. You could, for example, run 120 seconds at full speed, followed by two to three minutes of easy jogging. Or, you can run 4x1km at full pace, with two-minute easy jogs between each kilometre.

Strengthen your core

Your core is the platform for all your running success – the stronger it is, the faster you will run. Runners who have strengthen their core perform better, are more aware of their running posture and body positioning when running.

Planking is a great all-round core strengthening exercise. Do it once a day for 30 seconds.

Get enough sleep

We all know that we need sleep, but it is even more important to get a good night’s rest while you are training. Sleeping gives your body a chance to rest, recover and build muscle and energy reserve.

On the eve of your race, aim to get at least seven hours of sleep the night before your race.

Eat right

No matter how much you train, if you don’t eat the right foods it’s going to get harder and harder to set better times. Good nutrition is key to the success of any runner, and you need to make sure you eat the right foods and avoid the wrong ones. Think of your body like a car – you need to put the right fuel in it for it to run efficiently. Leaving the nutrition debates aside, your body needs more protein and carbohydrates than normal while you are training. Incorporate foods high in protein and eat healthy carbs (lots of vegetables and fruit). You want to avoid foods high in sugar.


Relaxed runners run more efficiently and expend less energy, which lead to faster times. When you are tense and tight while running, you use a lot of energy that could be used in your legs. During your training routines, focus on keeping your shoulders, hands and neck nice and relaxed. Once you learn to do that without even thinking about it, your race day form will be much more efficient.

Warm up

At the start of a race, you have to be that person that you have sniggered at in the past…the over zealous warm upper-er. Warming up allows the blood flow to get to your muscles, and allows them to run harder quicker. Warming up is beneficial in getting your PB.

Smash the last 400-500m

Around 400m from the end of the race, when you are tired and exhausted and feel like you cannot go on anymore, take a deep breath and run as hard as you can until you pass the finish line. Tell your mind that your legs can collapse at the end, you can vomit at the end…just keep pushing. You won’t regret it!


If you are looking to incorporate any, or all of these things, contact us. We will get you get your PB.