I have known Caryn and Lauren for many years: Caryn was at school with my children, and Lauren was a close friend of my daughter. Furthermore, I ran with with her father, also a Bob (Rayment), many years ago!

Caryn Lategan came under my watchful eye in the early part of 2016. Lauren was not seen as often since she livesĀ in Grahamstown, but she too became a part of the grand scheme in the same year.

I watched Caryn’s running over the next few months and I immediately thought: “she has such an easy style with good pace and thus huge potential.” While I never saw Lauren’s running in training, I knew she had always been competitive in whatever she did, so was also engaged with in respect of her running.

Caryn in action at a local race!

Watching a 10km race in Beacon Bay in about April 2016, I was enthused to see how close Caryn came in behind the first placed woman on that particular day. I approached her after the race and said, “You are going to beat runner X.” “No never” she replied. I merely smiled and the training commenced albeit without much direct engagement to start with.

That changed and so too did Caryn’s hunger for success.

The PWC 10km race in January came around and Caryn’s hard work and dedication to racing at the top of her own game paid dividends when she was second only to Hanlie Botha and she beat the targeted opposition by 51 seconds. The plan had taken a mere nine months to effect.

A great run at the Surfers 10 followed.

That was just the beginning as at the Masters Half Marathon she would finish, together with her sister Lauren, ahead of the opposition by 8:29 and finishing 2nd and 3rd, a minute behind Steph.

The big test lay ahead as the sisters were still new to running marathons and Buffs was the ultimate goal.

Tactics were discussed, but went a little awry, meaning that some real character running would become necessary. Again the two sisters ran mostly together as they lay in 3rd and 4th position. A 23 second lead over the same 5th placed opposition athlete was whittled down to just 16 sec at the Merryfield circle.

Caryn and Lauren running a marathon side by side.

Their dad Bob, who had been seconding his daughters, was engaged in Abbotsford and given some extra provisions, while I chased after Steph.

The three rivals hit Willasdale together where their nutrition clicked in and at the top of this mean hill, Caryn made her move with Lauren staying as close as she could.

Brilliant racing ensued over the final six kilometres with Caryn finishing strongly in third position and in a pb of 3:10:33. Lauren finished in an impressive 4th in 3:11:04, also a pb and with both of them comfortably ahead of all their rivals.

CARYN’s TIME IMPROVEMENTS since joining the programme:

10km – 46 to 44 to 40:01

21,1km – 1:42 to 1:38 to 1:28

42,2km – 4:00hr to 3:38 to 3:12 to 3:10

LAUREN’s TIME IMPROVEMENTS since joining the programme:

No 10kms of late

21,1km – 1:42 to 1:39 to 1:32 to 1:28

42,2km – 4:11 to 4:00 to 3:38 to 3:12 to 3:11

A first Two Oceans has been completed in a highly respectable time for both girls SO watch this space for 2018!

Lauren at the finish of the Two Oceans 2017


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