Best Running Tips for Starting the New Year

If your new year is already in full swing but your running routine has fallen behind a bit, then here are a few tips to get your running routine up and going so that you can make the most of 2021.

Pick a race and enter it

If you are a short distance, half marathon or full marathon runner now is the time to start deciding which races you want to enter this year. Get a head start by planning ahead – pick a date and stick to it. Create a planned running schedule to improve your fitness levels and you’ll be more likely to achieve your running goals this year. 

Try something fun and different from the norm

Sometimes all you need to boost your levels of inspiration and motivation is to try something different from the norm- breaking out of routine once in a while can be a refreshing change that might even inspire you to tackle marathons that are outside of your comfort zone. 

Concentrate on your weaknesses

As the year starts to slowly gain momentum, now is the time to identify weaknesses in your running style and work on improving them through increased and more rigorous training methods.

Find a running partner

Running with someone as opposed to going solo can help distract you from those grueling runs when you feel like giving up. Having a running partner to run alongside you will not only motivate you but may also motivate others to follow suit. 

Work it into your schedule

Finding the right balance between family, work and fitness is tough.  Managing your schedule better will enable you to enjoy your run without the stress of having a list of todos to distract you from a good run. 

Join a 30-day challenge

There are many 30-day running challenges to help you jumpstart your year. Being committed to a thirty-day program will help you to instill a daily habit and before you know it will become a way of life if you consistently stick to the program. 

Run, run and run and some

Running like with anything else in life will only get better the more effort you put into it. Try to aim to run 3 to 4 days a week and to push yourself a little further with each run. Regular longer distance runs will help to improve your endurance and fitness levels. 

Staying on top of your running game will require mental planning and physical preparation coupled with a commitment to get better and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals this year. 

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