Beating the holiday lethargy

🎶 ‘Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la la la la la la🎶

Christmas time is the best time of year for family, for eating and for much merriment, but it’s not necessarily the best time for fitness levels. It is very common to lose that loving feeling towards running and cross-training over this period. And by the end of the holidays you experience a guilt for over indulging in food, tarts and chocolates, and doing the minimal amount of exercising.

We know that it’s darn tough to stay on track with your fitness when you’re surrounded be all the distractions of the holiday season. From parties to shopping to cooking; it can feel a little like running through an obstacle course.

The most common complaints we get this time of year relate to time and energy. Our time is limited and is taken up by family, family and more family, right! More than that, we feel more lethargic. When both of these two factors collide, it can lead to missed workouts and inactivity.

It’s important to know that you’re not alone in this.

While you use the holidays to rest and recover from a busy year, you CAN still enjoy the benefits of feeling fit and getting your exercise in.

Here are some useful tips that help me:

1. Set a realistic goal each week

On a Sunday for example, sit down and set yourself a plan that works based on the flow of your life over that week. Budget your time wisely and exercise when you can. If you only can only spare 30 minutes on a day that’s ok, 30 minutes is better than nothing! Maybe just increase the intensity on the shorter workouts. For example, do some hill sprints or speedwork in your 30 minute runs, and a slower longer run when you have more time.

2. Post your goal to a group of people that care about your fitness.

This may be your local running group, a Facebook group, or even a temporary whatsapp Holiday Fitness Group created just for the holidays. The main thing here is that you are connected with a person or people that either have the same mindset as you or who is willing to help you keep accountable.

The goal is to keep it simple, move regularly, and stay motivated by being connected to a group. It’s all about creating meaningful mini challenges and telling people about them.

Finally, getting in your workouts, you will be boosting your metabolic rate, upping your happy hormones, and even improving your speed and fitness. What more could you ask for in a busy holiday season!

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