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I want to help you achieve your running goals…whatever they may be. You may want to run your first parkrun without walking, or run a silver Comrades medal.

Through strategic, personalised training, your goals can become achievable.

About BOaST

Bob has thousands of kilometres on the road, and years of coaching experience.  It is his greatest joy to train athletes to be the best they can be. More than seeing results, he has seen lives changed, through his coaching and committment to each individual.


Bob is well-known in the running community across the country. He has been actively involved in the sport for many years, at club, provincial and national level, as well as being relied on as the sport’s media spokesperson.

Bob’s passion is coaching. He gained tremendous experience from the years he coached and managed South Africa runners participating internationally.

He now enjoys coaching all runners, from encouraging newbies entering the sport to assisting elite athletes achieve their goals.

His personal bests:

  • 10km: 35 min
  • 21.1km: 1h19
  •  42.2km: 2h43
  • Two Oceans 56km: 3:48, 7xSILVER MEDALS
  • Comrades: 6:59, 5xSILVER MEDALS

Takkie Talk

How to Prevent and Get Rid of Side Stitches

Side stitches are quite possibly one of the biggest hindrances (aside from blisters, headaches etc.) to running well.  The mysterious cause of stitches still remains unknown, however, there are a few practices that you can implement that can help prevent and get rid of this common condition. The most likely cause Scientists hypothesize that the …


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